One Act Comedy - War and Cake by

War and Cake

In a nutshell..

  • Written by Rob Hockley
  • Award Winning One Act Play
  • A surreal comedy
  • Lots of observational humour
  • Food related incidents throughout
  • 4 male / 4 female role
  • Age 13+ (teenagers)
  • Multi-roling possible
  • Not much set required
  • Costumes are easy
  • VERY funny
  • Great fun to watch
  • Running time 45 minutes
The plot is original and excellently utilises observational humour about both the realities and fantasies of young love and the differences in the perspectives of boys, girls and gods of war.
Trinity College International Playwriting Competition Report

War and Cake

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This play is hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every sentence. Genuinely laugh out loud funny.
This is a quick, imaginative and at times surreal comedy
Many techniques are used to add variation and interest, such as the daydream sequences, the asides with the Gods and the offstage voice of the sandwich.
A fantastic play which has had me laughing each time I read
Trinity College International Playwriting Competition 2014.

Plot: Gwen and Michael, two hopeless teenagers with an unspoken thing for each other, find themselves being flung apart as Ares, mighty god of war, is challenged by Venus, goddess of human relationship resources, to bring them together. It should be an easy enough task but hampered by his complete lack of human understanding and desperate to win at any cost Ares finds each of his increasingly bizarre schemes foiled as Gwen's Jane Austen inspired imagination, Micheal's crippling fear of rejection and the well meaning help of their exasperated friends, combine to produce disaster at every turn.
Or so it seems. But what other forces might be at work? What exactly is Venus's purpose in her challenge and why is it that the future happiness of everybody ends up resting on the power of a single cupcake?
War and Cake won highly commended in the 2014 Trinity International youth competition and is a laugh out loud comedy about the uselessness and stupidity of war designed to be simple to stage yet challenging to perform with an ocean of laughs big enough to tickle a Blue Whale pink.
Set: Very simple. A few tables and chairs.

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