Spy School: The Seventh Department - a One Act Musical
Words by Barbara Hockley & Music by Greg Swinford

In a nutshell..

  • Written by Barbara Hockley
  • Music composed by Greg Swinford
  • Lots of fun parts
  • A cast of 20 -30
  • All parts can be played female or male
  • Multi-roling possible
  • Not much set required
  • Costumes are easy and exciting
  • Same goes for the crazy props
  • Great fun to be in and to watch!
  • Fantastic group numbers
  • A few solos / small group numbers
  • Dance opportunities
  • Running time 50 minutes
  • Written for a Year 6 Leavers Gala (Age 10+)
  • Has received great reviews
Wow! Our big problem now is how to follow it! Our Year 6 children loved Spy School. The idea of a school for spies but with spies who were not all of the 'James Bond' mould filled them with enthusiasm. The different groups of spies were identified both by movement, name and costume ensuring that each child had 'their moment'- always important in a school production. The songs were great and the hauntingly beautiful 'We're in too deep' soon became a firm favourite as did the opening 'Spies'. A script full of characters including Father Christmas and Easter Bunny got everyone laughing from the first reading and 'We're on the case Easter Bunny' remained a catch phrase for the summer (and beyond). The play is so well written, with a plot which ensures that everyone stays involved right through to the end. A fabulous musical play which we would have no hesitation in recommending; great script, wonderful songs and a running tine of about an hour - ideal as a school production. We can't wait for Spy School - The Eighth Department. READ MORE

Briefly: Spy School is a comedy musical for children and was received with much praise and enthusiasm (from the children and audience) when it was first performed. : written for a Year 6 (age 10-11) Leavers Gala, but great for slightly younger or older groups. It has heaps of larger-than-life parts (mostly spies) and four BIG musical numbers as well as a rap number for a solo character.
Music: You can listen to composer Greg Swinford singing 4 of the tracks right here! Just click on the Soundcloud play button and listen while you read. The are 5 songs in total, the only one not on the demo is a rap number for a solo character.
Set: Nothing crucial but a raised area centre stage would be useful - as would a few hiding places. Production notes are included with the full script.
Plot: The plot concerns three Rookie Spies arriving at Spy School on their first day of training. For absolutely no good reason at all, one of them spontaneously announces to the assembled Spies, and worse, Head of Spy School, that they are ready to show their worth by completing a mission on their first day. After a brief (and fairly silly) training session they are absolutely totally unprepared to discover the whereabouts of the mysterious 'Seventh Department' by noon. But, what can they do? Will they find the clues? Will they get help? Will the devilish jelly-leg-abulator cause more wobbles? Are the ballpoint pens exactly what they appear to be? Will Father Christmas evict them from the School before lunch? Fast moving, funny and a great excuse for disguises, trilbies and really cool gadgets. Have a look at the preview script and/or listen to demos on Sound Cloud to get a feel.
WE SUPPLY: The script (obviously), practise tracks with vocals for guidance (as in demos on this page), backing tracks with no vocals and production notes (includes info on staging, costumes, props and characters).

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Includes: Script, production notes, copying licence, practise & backing tracks, PR for 1 show
PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to buy a script for each member of cast, instead we offer a far cheaper photocopying licence.
You are welcome to video the show and take photos, the performing licence covers this.