One Act Comedy: Seeing Things by

  • Brian explains his cunning plan to prove the existence of ghosts
  • It involves a party - looking good so far ..
  • However .. a tape recorder under the bed is rather suspect
  • Best to extract all the information you need from a willing friend
  • When the girl of your dreams talks to you under the bed..
  • The showdown, but where is the ghost?

In a nutshell..

  • Written by Rob Hockley
  • A farcical comedy
  • Fast paced and witty
  • For a cast of 5 (2m & 3f)
  • Brilliant characters
  • Three (or maybe four) locations, but split set a good option
  • Costumes are easy
  • Props are minimal (but set dressing can be fun)
  • A haunted chair is crucial
  • Laugh out loud daftness
  • Requires physical comedy and bad dancing
  • Running time 50 minutes
  • Optimum age range 13 - 16
It kept us both cringing and laughing from start to finish

Seeing Things

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Dealing with the confused fantasies of a group of young teenagers, this could have been either grim or embarrassing, but the author had somehow combined acute observation of how real teenagers think and speak with his own wit and lightness of touch in such a way as to involve an audience of all ages.... It kept us both cringing and laughing from start to finish, and in the end keen to see more of Rob Hockley's work..
From the review of the Conquest Youth Theatre production December 2008 READ MORE

Involves: Farce, quick responses, lots of misunderstandings centred around a tape recorder under a bed. Very funny.
Set: 3/4 playing areas. Teenager's Bedroom, The Living Room, The Hall & possibly outside
Plot: A short comedy all about adolescent secrets, sexual fear, lies, hauntings, mistrust and repression. Fun stuff. It follows just one life-changing afternoon in the day of Brian; a teenage Boy who honestly believes he can see ghosts when he goes to his happy place. Terrified by the prospect of literally losing his marbles in every conceivable way, he hatches a brilliant, scientific experiment to prove the existence of the afterlife by snogging. To accomplish this he enlists the help of well known ladies lad and best friend, Stuart. He then invites all Stuart's ex-girlfriends over. With the power of science firmly on his side and a bottle of cider to get things going, what could go wrong?

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