Short One Act Play: Purple Kangaroos by

  • When you try hard to think of something to write about
  • And your invisible guardians decide to help you
  • By pulling you out of your sudden slumber into a dream world
  • Where you get to meet .. well.. yourself
  • Different aspects of yourself - some more creative than others
  • But can they all agree on your storyline?

In a nutshell..

  • Written by Barbara Hockley
  • A short fantasy, dreamland romp
  • Explores the idea that we all have different aspects to our personalities, offering a different view of just about everything
  • Great fun for a younger cast
  • 15 speaking parts - you could add more cast if you wished
  • Easy to stage
  • Opportunity for lots of props - or only a few!
  • Simple costumes - or as complex as you like
  • Easily adapted as a showcase for whatever skills your cast have
  • VERY versatile!
  • Running time 20 minutes
  • Optimum age range 8-12

Purple Kangaroos

More info

Set: A bed & some bedroom type props would be good, but not essential. As complex or as simple as you wish.
Plot: Izzy has homework to do - she's supposed to be writing a story, but where is the inspiration when you need it? Despite this minor setback, she is intending to get it finished before dinner, but that's only half an hour away. Luckily her two 'invisible guardians' are on the case. 'Invisible Guardians'? Well, why not! So, with half an hour to go, can they give Izzy enough inspiration to get her story started, let alone completed? When she falls asleep on the job the answer appears to be a resounding 'NO'! But then, her guardians decide, why not take the opportunity to meet her in a dream and allow her to explore all those parts of herself she didn't know were there. All the wonderful, clever and fantastic aspects of herself just waiting to be discovered.
Izzy - Our heroine. Izzy is a bit of a dreamer. Age 10 - 12
Mum - Izzy's Mum
Orphilia & Sparkle - Izzy's invisible guardians and entrusted with the job of inspiring her
Prof, Doctor & the Researchers - Logical and thought based
Sweetie, Artie & the Troubadors - Romantic, emotional and artistic
Speed, Pep & Lissy - Physical and energetic

Purple Kangaroos involves lots of colourful characters, dreamscape potential, running around like crazy, daft ideas and as many props as you wish

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Includes: Script, copying licence, one night PR
PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to buy a script for each member of cast, instead we offer a far cheaper photocopying licence.
You are welcome to video the show and take photos, the performing licence covers this.