One Act Play: Perilous Tales by

  • Cautionary tales with added strangeness and optional puppets
  • Cedric and Sybil - fearfully cling to their happiness
  • And fear drives them to misuse their kitchen utensils (and worse)
  • Gorgeous Gerald is gorgeous - and the ghost needs a new body
  • Whilst his (living) wife meets a man with pointy teeth
  • Princess Loki is selfish beyond help - and points a lot
  • But she does have bizarre parents
  • Bored with computer games?
  • Be careful what you wish for..

In a nutshell..

  • Written by Barbara Hockley
  • A dark, twisted (but funny) series of four cautionary tales
  • Tales can be purchased separately as sketches
  • Opportunity for a creative setting
  • Ensemble playing
  • Diverse and strange characters
  • Multi-role (or not) cast of 16 or more required
  • Age range 13+
  • Very versatile set and costumes
  • Excellent opportunity for wigs, masks, puppets and fake facial hair
  • Great fun to be in
  • Requires physical comedy
  • Dancing and singing!
  • Running time 50-60 minutes
  • Unusual drama!
  • Has been performed all over the place..
We are so glad we found you! We've been trying to find something a bit different for ages!

Perilous Tales

More info

...a mad, silly and inventive peek into a world of twisted fairytales where not all stories end happily ever after. At each turn we were kept wondering as the weirdly macabre ensemble twisted and played with our expectations of how fairytales should be and even put in a few excellent morals at the end, as all good fairytales should.
From the review of the Conquest Youth Theatre production December 2008.

Running time: About 50-60 minutes depending on how long you disco dance for at the end!
Involves: 4 sketches (can be bought separately as sketches as well) linked together to provide 4 cautionary tales. In Tale One we meet Cedic and Sybil, two characters intent on never changing and hanging on to their happiness no matter what the cost. In Tale Two the dreadful Princess Loki risks everything to find her own song as she stampedes through her spoilt life. In Tale Three the vain (and rather stupid) Gorgeous Gerald is stalked by a Ghost who wants to live again in a really handsome body to win back his wife Imelda. Finally Ed and Molly Grimble play one computer game too many .......The tales are performed 'cartoon' fashion by an ensemble cast, with the use of many props, costumes and a handful of puppets.
Set: Nothing is crucial - so as bizarre and complicated, or as simple as you like.

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Includes: Script, copying licence, one night PR
PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to buy a script for each member of cast, instead we offer a far cheaper photocopying licence.
You are welcome to video the show and take photos, the performing licence covers this.