One Act Comedy: May Contain Nuts! by

  • May Contain Nuts - a versatile and ludicrous One Act play
  • Lots of sword fights
  • A poet with a big nose and a few pirates
  • More pirate moments
  • And yet more piratey theatrics
  • Our hero weaves a tale of imagination and wit
  • Characters to relish
  • Completely bonkers
  • But jolly spiffing fun
  • Even a few vampires thrown in
  • And a dramatic finale ..gaaaarrrrhhhhh!

In a nutshell..

  • Written by Barbara Hockley
  • A surreal, whacky comedy
  • Lots of fun parts (did I mention pirates?)
  • A cast of 16 will suffice - more is fine
  • Multi-roling possible
  • Not much set required
  • Costumes are easy
  • Props are crucial but fun
  • Great fun to be in
  • Great fun to watch
  • Great for outdoor shows
  • Lots of opportunties to be very creative - let your imagination go wild!
  • Requires physical comedy.
  • Running time 35/40 minutes
  • Optimum age range 11+
  • Has received great reviews
Rehearsals have never been so much fun - and it's not JUST about pirates!

May Contain Nuts
What can I say? It's all pretty mad.

More info

Our Seniors have just performed 'May Contain Nuts' in our annual Showcase. The show was amazing & everyone enjoyed themselves. 'May Contain Nuts' was a roaring success.
Jackie Smith, Stage4kidz, July 2011

Involves: An awful lot of silliness, dressing up as pirates, mysterious old ladies, a few characters from Romeo & Juliet, sword fighting, walking the plank, vampires, talking statues .... and on ..... Originally written for outdoor festival performances, but can be performed anywhere you like. Requires lots of crazy imagination to add to the innate daftness of the story.
Plot: What plot? Oh, ok ... our hero, Henry, is trying to write a story. Actually, he has a rather fertile mind. It's just that despite his best efforts to stay with safe, mundane story-lines, where he can save reasonably attractive girls from domestic crises, he has absolutely no control over it at all. In fact Henry's imagination runs away with him. Together, and in the company of a few friendly pirates, they go on a perilous mission to find treasure. And then there is Jane, who refuses to be enslaved in the kitchen of Henry's mind any longer, and Doris, eager to be chased by more runaway wheelie bins. As I said, what plot?
Set: Anything really. Needs to be versatile. Lots of props, hats, big noses & fake facial hair is good.

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Includes: Script, copying licence, one night PR
PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to buy a script for each member of cast, instead we offer a far cheaper photocopying licence.
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