Imaginative and creative plays for schools and youth groups

  • The Dream Makers - a full length play with dreams and imagination
  • Darkness in the Night - featuring the mighty egg whisk
  • Alices Adventures Under Ground - a versatile musical
  • May Contain Nuts! More fun than you should have in one act
  • The Fantastic Story - finding your muse
  • More Nuts (I just like pirates)
  • Seeing Things - a tape recorder under the bed?
  • Perilous Tales - cautionary tales involving great peril
  • Gorgeous Gerald and the Ghost (spot the Ghost)

Offbeat Plays?

Well, we lean towards the rather silly, funny, quirky, oddball and unusual - but ... it isn't just a load of fluff. Oh no. We know how to write about things that matter (well, they matter to us anyway). I started to write because I was running a youth theatre and really wanted to create some unique theatre with the various groups I had the pleasure of working with. Rob, (my brother and the other Offbeat playwright), on the other hand, was more inclined to write for television, but then decided to have a go at stage as well. Rather successfully as it turned out. We hope you enjoy exploring our work. We also hope you fancy staging something! All our plays have been staged, some many times throughout the UK and further afield.

If you click on any links at all, you'll probably end up at our new SCRIPT STORE! It has all the Offbeat plays, plus more offerings from other playwrights. Go straight to the script store ... or browse Offbeat Plays first.

Feel free to contact us for extra info and queries etc!