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The Dream Makers

The Dream Makers by Barbara Hockley

Last year our theatre was fortunate to produce Barbara Hockley's play, The Dream Makers. One of the things we liked about it was the ability of our actors and director to interpret the dreams how they wanted to. They held round table discussions about what they saw the Anxiety Dream being, and the Nightmare and Heroic Dreams were particular favorites. We also chose music that underscored each dream, which made for a fuller experience for all concerned. The premise is unique and clever, and our audiences absolutely loved the show.
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Casting: 24 - 28. Would suggest 9 - 14 as an optimum age. The Dream Makers was written for a Youth Theatre and addresses some of the casting problems often associated with large groups! It has a large cast and all the characters have either lines in the script or the opportunity to develop a part during a dream (so, LOTS of good parts). The play is versatile in terms of girls/boys parts.
Running time: About 40 minutes each act (80 minutes total) depending on the length of your dreams
Involves: It is a full length 2 act play lasting approx 40 minutes each act. The five dreams are not scripted but guidelines are provided as there are some things that do need to happen during dreams. The dreams offer an opportunity for the cast to develop ideas and add special effects or music to give the dream a ... dreamlike quality. Just about anything goes here from special effects, lighting, sound, music, recorded voices, projected images or film.
Plot: The Dream Makers is set in a Dream Palace - a place where dreams are created - and employs all sorts of people to ensure that dreams are created to order (or off-the-peg if you're feeling lazy). They are highly skilled actors and technicians and will stretch themselves to the limit to make sure you get an amazing experience in your dream. They keep meticulous notes and are constantly reviewing procedures to ensure a seamless flow of dreams into our sleeping worlds. These self sacrificing people work tirelessly for us, and they love it! Doubtless you were unaware of the fact that dreams are created in this way, but that's the way the dream folk like it - shrouded in secrecy. The other side to the dream business is the clearing up afterwards (you won't believe how messy dreams are). Somebody has to do it, but who? The dream actors believe it's a magical process, but in reality (or a distant relative of reality), there exists a team of 'Grounders' - people who come in after a dream and clear up. Grounders are also highly skilled in their own way, but they have no idea how dreams are created, they just get on with clearing up and performing routine maintenance tasks. That is until Beka (who believes the mythical tales about dream actors) meets up with Jude (the new Grounder recently arrived from the previously unheard of Vending Machines Department) and they set off to explore the Dream Palace with the intention of finding Beka's friend Keri. But is Keri real? Or just a dream ..
Themes:The play is fun to do and at times pretty daft! It also has a few themes running through it that give it depth. Firstly there is the theme of leaving, of moving on, starting something new and leaving friends behind. Secondly the idea that we create our own experiences in life by taking responsibility for what we want and who we are. Sometimes our choices can be hard.
Set: Only one set required, open to interpretation! Dream Gates of some sort are required though.

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