One Act Comedy: Darkness in the Night by

  • A one act comedy for 4 people and an egg whisk - CYT Bromyard
  • Lily: A reformed kleptomaniac - or is she.. - TLU Texas
  • Dave: The intense necromancer (uh huh) - CYT Bromyard
  • Kate & Bob: Is this romance? - TLU Texas
  • Fighting over stuff - CYT Bromyard
  • Incantations with an egg whisk - TLU Texas
  • Air guitar - TLU Texas
  • A heartbreaking finale - CYT Bromyard
  • SPYS and their vast array of shiny things they won with DARKNESS!

In a nutshell..

  • Written by Rob Hockley
  • A surreal comedy
  • Fast paced and witty
  • For a cast of 4 (2m & 2f)
  • Brilliant characters
  • With a super easy set (crucial for those quick changes in one act competitions)
  • Costumes are easy
  • Props are minimal
  • Great fun to be in
  • Great fun to watch
  • Laugh out loud daftness
  • Farcical
  • Requires physical comedy.
  • Running time 50 minutes
  • Optimum age range 15 - 17
  • Has received rave reviews
  • As a vehicle for a great production by a talented company, it has been known to do well in competitions
It was really a wonderful show and received a great reception, we thoroughly enjoyed it! TLU, Texas 2016

Darkness in the Night
Dave and Bob ..errr .. with an egg whisk
While the premise behind Darkness In The Night was fairly wacky, the real theme of the play was friendship, aspects of which were intelligently explored in the script... Amongst the witty and fast-paced dialogue across the sexes, there are wonderful moments of tenderness between the manic necromancer Dave and his stolid but ever-loyal sidekick Bob, and also between feisty Lily and her thoroughly down-to-earth companion Kate.... Although sounding completely authentic for teenagers, Rob Hockley's script was full of finely crafted witticism, and carefully avoided the kind of slang that dates a play too precisely.
From the review of the Conquest Youth Theatre production December 2011 READ MORE

More info

Running time: About 50 minutes
Set: The inside of an empty house. A door is required.
Plot: Briefly: To protect her friend Lily from the unwanted attentions of Dave, Kate has persuaded Dave that Lily has died in an explosion. Lily, a reformed kleptomaniac, invites Kate to the abandoned house where she has stored her loot in order to dispose of it, while at the same time Dave drags his friend Bob to the same house, which he thinks is Lily's ancestral home, to try to contact Lily's departed spirit. Naturally, this involves Dave and Bob attempting to enter the Underworld so they can bring Lily back (think 'Orpheus'). Inevitably the two pairs meet, Dave convinced that he has conjured Lily from the dead, and hilarious ramifications ensue.

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Includes: Script, copying licence, one night PR
PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to buy a script for each member of cast, instead we offer a far cheaper photocopying licence.
You are welcome to video the show and take photos, the performing licence covers this.

The Trailer!

Yep, we made a tailer for a play .. having far too much fun you see!
This was created by Offbeat Theatre with the cast of the Conquest Youth Theatre's production at The Conquest Theatre, Bromyard in 2012.
Since then there have been many other productions, mainly in the UK and USA. Notably, the (Chipping) Sodbury Players Youth Section entered Darkness in the Night in the All England One Act Festival 2016 and won many awards! Around the same time SPYS were winning awards there was another production (featured in our photo slider thingy) being performed in Texas. So much Darkness, so little time.
If you do perform DARKNESS, we would LOVE to see photos, read reviews and generally support you in any way we can via our blog, site or social media. And, of course, if you're this side of the pond, we'll try and get to see your show as well!